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Welcome to the 29th Annual Hoosier Beef Congress

We are glad you will be taking part in this great tradition!

This years HBC promises to be bigger and better than ever.  We are glad that you will be joining us in December for the greatest youth and beef cattle event in Indiana.

The Indiana Beef Cattle Association is excited to again work with the Indiana Junior Beef Cattle Association and the Indiana State Fair to host this action packed weekend and to provide Indiana’s Beef Industry future producers a chance to further develop the skills that they will need to continue the tradition of beef production in Indiana.  We hope you find time to participate in as many of the activities that you can find time for at this year’s Hoosier Beef Congress.  Whether it be exhibiting cattle or showcasing your skills in the showmanship competition, or any of the other contests of the weekend, we know that it takes a large amount of time and commitment to take part in these projects.  Because of that, we, the committee, along with all of the volunteers and IBCA staff, are pleased to do what it takes to put on this event FOR YOU.

As always, the HBC Trade Show will be open for your early Christmas shopping.  We have a waiting list of companies that want to get in on our tradeshow, so hopefully some of the lucky one’s that take part will have some services or products that will meet your needs.  Be sure to take advantage of this year’s HBC Tradeshow to support and learn from the companies represented.

The Indiana State Fair will be working to get trailers parked in an efficient manner. General arrival and trailer parking begins on Wednesday, December 2nd.  All participants must enter the fairgrounds off of Fall Creek Parkway (Gate 6), and each participant will receive a color coded sticker indicating their assigned parking area.  Trailers will be parked according to their size.  For more information regarding parking, please see the parking insert.

Without the gracious support of our sponsors, we would not be able to host the 2015 Hoosier Beef Congress.  It is impossible for us to thank them enough for their continued commitment to Indiana’s youth, so we are asking you to help us and take time to thank those sponsors that you come in contact with throughout the event this year.


Our thanks to Walton Webcasting who will be handling the live online streaming of the show again this year. Their work last year received great reviews from those who watched from locations all across the country. Sponsorship opportunities are still available during this web feed, as well as other sponsorship opportunities available for the show itself. Please contact the IBCA office if you are interested in being a sponsor of the 2015 HBC.

Like last year, the Indiana State Fair will be working to get trailers parked in an efficient manner. Please click the link provided here for truck and trailer parking instructions and a parking map. These changes helped to make everyone’s entry and exit from the event go much more smoothly.

Upcoming Webcast

The webcast will be updated to display here during the show. Please stay tuned!


The 2015 online auction for the first 30 spots in stalling line will take place and proceeds from this year’s auction
will benefit Carter Scott. 

Stalling Auction Rules

The stalling priority that is purchased will allow the exhibitor the right to choose his/her barn stalls, in the order of purchase. Remember, you are not buying stalls-you are purchasing the rights to have a choice without waiting in line. Each successful bidder can get stalls for a total of two HOUSEHOLDS. If getting stalls for another exhibitor, please know exactly what they are bringing (number of animals and sex) and have their original receipt with you. The spot cannot be split between multiple people. It is only one spot in line for one person. Half of the funds raised through this auction will be given to Carter Scott to assist him and his family with their medical bills. The winning bidder of lot one will be first in line, winning bidder of lot two will be second in line and so forth. Please be in place 30 minutes prior to the barns opening and have your invoice with you when you get in line to be put into your proper position.

At 6 days old, Carter was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. It came as a shock because prior to his birth there was no warning that anything was 'wrong.' Before the age of 2, Carter had undergone 4 surgical procedures. But with lots of support from family, friends and the amazing help of therapists from the First Steps Program, Carter was thriving! Participating in Music class, Art class, swimming, tumbling and Preschool! Carter was doing amazing things and changing the way we viewed persons with disabilities. Click here to read more...

Hoosier Beef Congress

To all of the exhibitors, sponsors, and volunteers that help to make the Hoosier Beef Congress such a great event each year, we say Thank You! We are currently making plans for the 2015 Congress which is scheduled to take place Dec 4 - Dec 6, 2015. Be sure to put it on your calendar.

If you have any ideas of how we can make the 2015 HBC even better, don’t hesitate to pass along your recommendations to jbiesecker@indianabeef.org or by calling the IBCA offices at 317-293-2333.

Also don’t forget to support and participate in the Indiana’s Finest Points program this spring and summer being coordinated by the Indiana Junior Beef Cattle Association. A schedule of participating shows can be found at www.ijbca.org.

Thanks again and looking forward to seeing everyone at the 2015 HBC!